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The Issues

Cageprisoners exists in order to help those who have been detained or abused within the context of the War on Terror. In order to work effectively, Cageprisoners has identified four main areas of work to concenrate our efforts:


1. Guantanamo Bay - until the closure of the prison camps at Guantanamo Bay or the release of all the prisoners has been achieved, Cageprisoners will continue to work towards the due process and fair treatment of all the detainees who are kept there.

2. Secret Detention - the War on Terror has resulted in a worldwide network of secret prisons that have been used in order to house suspected terrorists beyond the law. Often those detained in such systems are subjected to the worst forms of ill treatment and torture. Cageprisoners has dedicated itself to exposing these prisons and the practises that have normalised as part of detention of suspects. Further we have conducted investigations into the extent of western government complicity with such practises and make it our aim to highlight the extent to which our own governments are culpable. 

3. UK/European Detentions - counter-terrorism policies in the UK and European mainland have led to innumerable pieces of legislation that seek to criminalise communities and any form of dissent. Cageprisoners works towards redressing some of the ill-conceived legislation which has been implemented since the start of the War on Terror and also to push for due process to be respected in the detention of suspects.

4. Extrajudicial Killings - although not in the original goals of the organisation, Cageprisoners believes that it is important that we now conduct detailed investigations into extrajudicial killings within the context of the War on Terror. In particular the use of drone attacks has increased dramatically since the Obama presidency and it is important that the tide of extrajudicial killing is not allowed to continue without redress.

Although the above four issues form the majority of the work that Cageprisoners conducts, we are also concerned with the general state of counter-terrorism policies and operations around the world. Thus we will work against all those abuses of due process around the world such as those in North America and Australia where the rights of individuals and communities are being destroyed.

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