We do not buy, sell or give away lists of email addresses nor solicit email lists from other groups. Our list is an 'opted in' list, we will remove you from this list at your request.

All emails sent to us owned domain names are liable to be read by several people from our team. We do not however divulge any such information we receive except with permission from the sender

We do not sell or give away the postal address details or private telephone numbers of our contacts, volunteers and those who have given us these details so that we can keep them informed of our activities.

Our website is hosted on a remote server. Those servers automatically log information about visits to our websites in the normal course of establishing and maintaining web connections. Server logs record statistical information such as visitors' IP addresses, type of operating systems, time of visit, web pages requested, etc., and identify categories of visitors by items such as domains and browser types.

We can access these statistics in summary form. The statistics are reviewed and used to improve our website and to ensure they provide the optimal web experience for visitors.

Accessing this statistical data does not enable us to identify users of the website.


Please inform us if we have infringed your copyright in any way and we will immediately seek to amend or delete the material in question.

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