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Moazzam Begg reveals exclusively why the British government has been conitually harassing him since his return from Guantanamo, and took his passport for the second time in eight years

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Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed's escape was an embarrassment. The alleged torture and rendition that came before it might just be a major scandal

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Wednesday, 09 October 2013 11:07

Cage Alert: Syrians & Somalis in Britain

Have you been affected by Schedule 7, experienced cash confiscation or harassed?

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Exclusive interview obtained by the BBC with Shaker Aamer Britain's final Guantanamo prisoner followed by discussion between Victoria Derbyshire and Moazzam Begg

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What do you see when you read the name?  I often think, what goes through all of my friends' minds when they see that name splattered across their Twitter feed, their Facebooks (if they haven't blocked me yet!)?  To all of my friends and blog followers who read my article last year, thank you, but did you sign the petition to ask for Parliament to discuss his case?

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Aims of the meeting: 

  • To expose and stop MI5 practices of blackmail 
  • To encourage individuals to refuse cooperation and expose blackmail attempts
  • To demand government accountability for such crimes 
  • To protect UK citizenship from being withdrawn
  • To bring more organisations into the protest
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Friday, 02 November 2012 19:11

The Betrayal of Mahdi Hashi

“What you trying to say to me, what’s happened? I’m thinking like he’s going to arrest me in Djibouti, and torture me, might wanna take me to Morocco like Binyam Mohamed, that story.”

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Yvonne Ridley on the 'secret courts bill' heading through the Lords, just as former ministers and MI6 officials face the prospect of public court appearances over torture allegations.

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Monday, 24 September 2012 11:59

New Campaign: No More Secrets

NO MORE SECRETS is a nationwide campaign launched by CagePrisoners to highlight the UK Government's plans to introduce secret courts in to the British judicial system.


No More Secrets Tour: Bradford by Yvonne Ridley

No to Secret Courts

Justice and Secret Bill: Covering up State Crimes

Download the flyer for our No More Secrets event in Luton



For details of the Nationwide Tour click here.

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Wednesday, 02 May 2012 19:01

Shaker Aamer: husband, father and hostage

In war, numerous tactics are used to weaken the enemy with a view to its ultimate defeat. These range from bribery to insults, from ridicule and mockery to hostile propaganda, from threats of force to actual violence and expulsion. The precursor to all the above forms of persecution is a systematic process of dehumanisation.

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This week, former Guantanamo prisoners Bisher al-Rawi and Omar Deghayes join Moazzam to discuss the case of Shaker Aamer, Guantanamo's last British resident

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Friday, 20 January 2012 11:48

UK secret services complict in torture

The government have recently decided to halt an independent inquiry into British secret services and government officials colluding in the extraordinary rendition and torture of terror suspects. 

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The prosecution case against British intelligence officers accused of complicity in the torture of detainee Binyam Mohamed has been dropped.

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Ministers must face 'serious allegations' over human rights abuses

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No British spies will be charged over their alleged complicity in the torture of two terror suspects, but a new investigation will be held into allegations of rendition in Libya, the top prosecutor in England and Wales has said.

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حرّك مواطن ليبي دعوى قضائية ضد الحكومة البريطانية الجمعة بعد أن اتهم جهاز الأمن الخارجي البريطاني (إم آي 6) بترتيب ارساله إلى ليبيا وتعريضه للتعذيب في سجون العقيد معمر القذافي

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Moazzam Begg outlines discoveries made during a visit to Libya which exposed the extent of the complicity in torture of Libyan prisoners by US and UK intelligence services.

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كشفت صحيفة 'الغارديان' عن وثيقة تظهر دور وكالات الاستخبارات البريطانية في تعذيب مواطنين في دول تستخدم التعذيب ضد السجناء

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كشفت صحيفة 'ديلي تليغراف' امس الخميس أن جهاز الأمن الداخلي 'إم آي 5' وجهاز الأمن الخارجي 'إم آي 6' البريطانيين وافقا عى دفع تعويضات مالية مقدارها 12 مليون جنيه استرليني، أي ما يعادل نحو 19 مليون دولار، لمحتجزين بريطانيين سابقين بمعتقل غوانتانامو

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