The Guantanamo Diet

Written by Johina Aamer Wednesday, 27 March 2013
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Did Beyonce really lose that much weight? What diet did Kate Hudson go on? How does Kim Kardashian's weight alter so much? These are the daily questions that are plastered across tabloids and the answers are of such high interest to today's society. 


It is so much easier to worry about the cosmetic diets of celebrities than it is to concern yourself with the excruciating reality of those who are suffering in Guantanamo Bay merely to get their voices heard and questions responded to. There is a hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay which is getting worse day by day. Their pain, their agony, their misery is being ignored by the majority who would prefer to read the stories of celebrities who force themselves to lose weight for their own body image than those who have no other option to be heard but to starve themselves.

Many of us aren’t aware that today is the 51st day that more than 30 people have  been on a continuous hunger strike causing drastic weight loss and severe body weaknesses as well as the 100 inmates who are reportedly declining food. Almost every man in Camp 6, Guantanamo Bay is on this hunger strike. A large group of the protesters are now being force fed. The protest was reportedly caused by mistreatment including searches, restriction on exercise, abuse of the Qurans and that guards have been disrespectful during prayer times. The camp authorities have also been confiscating personal items such as family photos, books and religious CD’s. They have no other way to point out how badly they’ve been treated, to acquire the reasoning behind their situation at Guantanamo bay whilst being innocent and to show that they are sick and tired of being held there.

A detainee’s attorney stated that his client lost 40 pounds which was a third of his entire body weight. Additionally some hunger strikers have said to been coughing up blood, losing consciousness and being forced to move to other wings of the facility for observation. 86 of the 166 Guantanamo detainees have been cleared for release; US have acknowledged that they certainly shouldn’t be there. So the obvious question is why are they not back home yet ?

These men are putting their health at considerable risk so that someone can hear them. However the media is purposely overlooking the state of Camp 6 despite knowing its great effects and concentrating more on the diets of celebrities. They have been keeping the public in the dark of the detainees that are suffering. When CNN finally gave its attention to Guantanamo bay, it completely ignored the hunger strikers and missed the crucial information that the public need be aware of. Instead CNN decided to portray the situation that pentagon requested 49 million dollars to update the barbaric facility that holds 86 men who have been cleared for release.

George Galloway, British MP proclaimed “Nobody else is talking about this subject.” as we know the media is overlooking imperative information that the public should be aware of. He also stated “Because this is an  American crime, they're allowed to get away with it. Because the people that control the so-called mainstream media are fully on side with the agenda of the Obama administration.” Galloway was making it clear that the media’s lack of coverage on this issue is due to the people that are in favour of the Obama administration and therefore have made a biased decision to keep it hidden from the public.

Federal public defender, Carlos Warner spoke of a message from his client Faiz Al-Kandari which stated “ I scare myself when I look in the mirror. Let them kill us as we have nothing to lose. We died when Obama indefinitely detained us. Respect us or kill us. It is your choice. The US must take off its mask and kill us.” The distressing statement that has come from Faiz just today represents how outrageous the situation has become. Each and every detainee has no hope of ever departing from the detention facility. Carlos Warner also spoke of Faiz and said he had lost 30 pounds of weight in less than a month and refused all nourishment. His cheeks had sunk in, he was exhausted, weak and was not able to stand up. He clearly declared that he wanted to be respected or killed, Faiz along with the other hunger strikers are reaching out to us for help, they are asking for us to stop neglecting them because whoever they are, they are human. How far will the Guantanamo diet have to before you will listen? Don’t make it subsequent to their death.

Fayiz Al-Kandari, Fawzi Al-Odah are two people who do not carry a celebrity status therefore are ignored by the media as they are viewed as insignificant. Fayiz and Fawzi are part of this hunger strike with many others but with the media betraying this information there is little hope that they’re voices will be heard or even known.

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