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Samer Hilmi Abdul Litif Al Burq

Samer Hilmi was born on the 13 December 1974 in Kuwait and is of Palestinian origin. His parents and much of his family are in the occupied territory of Palestine.

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Samer Hilmi, former Bagram detainee has managed to get in contact with the International Committee of the Red Cross and send a brave message to his family stating  he is well despite the circumstances.

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On the 22nd July 2010 Cageprisoners wrote an electronic communication to the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concerning Samer Hilmi.

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An account of the latest on Samer Hilmi, an official Cageprisoners' case, from his wife including the predicament that she herself is facing.

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The Higher Committee to Protect the Homeland and Confront Normalization issued a statement on Wednesday condemning Jordanian authorities' decision to hand over Jordanian citizen Samer Hilmi Al Barq to the Israeli authorities earlier this week.

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