Amina Masood Janjua needs your help today

Written by CP Editor Friday, 08 October 2010
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Amina Janjua with her children Amina Janjua with her children
Amina Masood Janjua has not only campaigned on behalf of her husband, but also for over 700 hundred families detained, she now needs your assistance.
The years of working on the case of her husband Masood Janjua and the 750 families that have loved ones disappeared has had an incredible toll on Amina Masood Janjua and her family. The years of trying to work to raise her family and run an NGO for the missing persons has bankrupted Amina – but despite this, she continues to give everything she has including her home in order to help those in more need.
Cageprisoners is now requesting the public to help Amina at this desperate time, her suffering most not be compounded by a lack of funds to continue all the amazing work she has been involved in so far.
Please donate whatever you can to her today by sending money to her directly. We are aiming for £5,000 at least in order to help get the family back on track. The details of her bank are:
Account Name:    Amina Masood
Account No:          716-2
Swift Code :          BTUNPKKA
Branch Code :      0179
Bank Address :    The Bank Of Punjab, 
Bank Road,
Please reference, CP appeal, when making any donations.
Jazakamullahkhayr and thank you.
Friends Masood Ahmad Janjua and Faisal Faraz went missing on 30th July 2005 on their way to an Islamic retreat. The two men were detained on separate operations as it quickly emerged that both men never made it to their destination.
After weeks of using connections within the police, security services and military, Janjua’s family gathered enough information to realise that he was being detained beyond the law. Janjua’s father-in-law, a onetime senior officer to President Pervaiz Musharraf called in his connections to find information. It took until 31st May 2006 for the President’s office to contact the family to inform them that Janjua was well and had not been harmed but for the moment was still to be detained and would return to them soon. Due to the efforts of the Janjua family, the Faraz family also became aware of Faisal’s situation. Until that time, not a single official had visited them to inform them of his detention.
Searching for the loved ones has become as difficult as chasing ghosts for the families of the disappeared. Amina Masood Janjua through her organisation, Defence for Human Rights, has led a movement of hundreds of families who have had loved ones kidnapped and taken into the programme of enforced disappearances. Only rarely do they receive snippets of information which has led them to chase cell 20 in I-9 of Islamabad, to believing their relative is in Shaukat Killa or Amoor Camp in Kashmir, or many of the hundreds of prisons that are used to hide the detainees.
In July 2008, a senior official in Pakistan confirmed to Cageprisoners that Masood Ahmad Janjua and Faisal Faraz were still in detention in Pakistan and that they would continue to be detained due to involvement by the US. The official confirmed that the CIA had information on the men and it is their involvement that is hindering appearance before the courts or release.
Both Masood Ahmad Janjua and Faisal Faraz remain missing today.
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