(London) CAGE is concerned by the disproportionate response of UK police following the alleged death of Abdul Waheed Majid in Syria. Despite the lack of verification and the fact that a family and community are mourning the loss, the response of the local police has been to swamp the locality and carry out dawn raids on various families.  A further three raids this morning indicates that the police are attempting to use the incident as an opportunity to intimidate a besieged community, hunt for suspects when there has been no crime and tarnish the reputation of local activists.

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Thursday, 08 October 2009 17:06

Abdul Baset Azzouz

Abdul Baset Azzouz sought asylum in Britain from Libya. His children are British citizens and he was granted residency. He lived a regular life thereafter, safe in the knowledge that with Libya’s post-Lockerbie reputation as a marginalised pariah state, he would not have to return to risk his life.

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Five suspects arrested in and around Paris were French Islamists planning a terror attack, French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has said.

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