(London) CAGE is concerned by the disproportionate response of UK police following the alleged death of Abdul Waheed Majid in Syria. Despite the lack of verification and the fact that a family and community are mourning the loss, the response of the local police has been to swamp the locality and carry out dawn raids on various families.  A further three raids this morning indicates that the police are attempting to use the incident as an opportunity to intimidate a besieged community, hunt for suspects when there has been no crime and tarnish the reputation of local activists.

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This week Moazzam speaks to the family of Munir Farooqi who are fighting to save their family home from police seizure after he was convicted of terrorism-related offences last year

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How the War on Terror is Being Utilized to Curtail the Civil Rights of non-Muslims, too...
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Sunday, 23 January 2011 21:14

Al-Amin Kimathi, Omar Awad and Co.

Al-Amin Kimathi, Omar Awadh and six others taken illegally from Kenya to Uganda are still locked up in Uganda.
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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 18:20

Khalid Fadhal

Khalid is a British citizen originating from Libya. He is currently detained in Lynton Green prison having pled guilty under duress to ‘criminal damage and affray’ by allegedly knocking his own gas pipe and complaining that a police person was verbally abusive to him.

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Thursday, 08 October 2009 18:45

Detainee DD

Detainee DD is Libyan and has been in Britain four years. He left Libya seeking asylum in the UK when his non-violent political opposition to the Regime of Gaddafi led to a sentence being passed for his execution by hanging.
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Thursday, 08 October 2009 14:33

Detainee E

Detainee E is a Tunisian. He was granted temporary residency in the UK and settled in London in 1992.
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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 16:38

Cerie Bullivant

To those who would allege that the “War on Terror” is being fought against foreigners, Cerie Bullivant makes an interesting exception a British citizen, Bullivant (now known as Kaleem) converted to Islam in 2004.
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Wednesday, 17 November 2010 10:42

UK police bring terror charges against man

LONDON (AP) — British police have charged a 23-year-old man with soliciting murder over a website that allegedly urged attacks on lawmakers who voted in favor of the Iraq war.
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Men arrested after flying to Amsterdam from Chicago suspected of conducting a terrorist 'dummy run' to test airport security

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009 15:42

Stunning Victory for Babar Ahmad

The Metropolitan police's agreement to award damages of £60,000 is an admission of its shocking abuse.
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Sunday, 03 February 2008 16:07

Police bugged Muslim MP Sadiq Khan

SCOTLAND YARD’S antiterrorist squad secretly bugged a high-profile Labour Muslim MP during private meetings with one of his constituents.
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Four policemen face prosecution over an alleged attack on a terror suspect in south-west London.

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