Uproar over Jordanian handed over to Israel

Written by Banan Malkawi Thursday, 15 July 2010
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The Higher Committee to Protect the Homeland and Confront Normalization issued a statement on Wednesday condemning Jordanian authorities' decision to hand over Jordanian citizen Samer Hilmi Al Barq to the Israeli authorities earlier this week.

The anti-normalization committee denounced the act and called on the Jordanian government to take all necessary measures to return Al Barq to his family in Jordan, and ensure that he does not face any maltreatment by Israeli authorities.

Meanwhile, Government spokesperson Nabil Sharif said on Wednesday that in accordance with the 1988 legal and administrative Disengagement decision with the West Bank, Al Barq was asked to leave Jordan to the Palestinian territories to renew his Israeli-issued permit to 'preserve his rights and Palestinian identity.'

He noted that Al Barq was "not handed over to the Israeli authorities," and criticized the Jordanian Professional Associations for "espousing the news without verifying its authenticity from official sources."

The National Committee for Jordanian Prisoners and Missing persons in Israel had followed up on Al Barq's case and said that he was handed-over to Israeli authorities on Sunday July 11, 2010, via the King Hussein Bridge and is now being detained at Israel's Ofer prison according to Al Barq's lawyers and family.

The National Committee expressed disdain at statements issued by Jordan's State Minister for Media Affairs and Communications, Nabil Sharif, who said earlier on Tuesday that Al Barq was handed over to Palestinian authorities and not to the Israelis.

Al Barq’s father had told Al Jazeera over the phone that his son is being detained at Jalma Israeli prison, stressing that Al Barq was handed over by a Jordanian security team directly to Israeli authorities via the King Hussein Bridge.

The father noted that his son will appear before an Israeli Military Court next Sunday, according to Al Barq’s lawyer.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the National Committee condemned the "unconstitutional decision that violates Jordanian law," and called on the Jordanian government to return Al Barq to Jordan and held the government "constitutionally and morally responsible for the dangerous act which violates the most basic of citizenry rights."

The Jordanian Professional Associations had said in a letter sent to Prime Minister Samir Rifai on Tuesday that the decision to hand Al Barq over to Israeli authorities on Sunday “is an unprecedented act in its violations of the constitution and Jordanian laws,” stressing that Al Barq is a Jordanian citizen with a national identification number.

Al Barq was captured by U.S. forces in Pakistan in 2002 during a search for Al Qaeda members and was handed over to Jordanian authorities, where he spent four years in a prison without any charges brought against him.

Al Barq was released after Human Rights Watch and local activists stirred the case of four detainees in Jordanian prisons who were being detained with no charges.

Source: Ammon News

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