Extradition of Babar Ahmad: 'my son is not a terrorist'

Written by CP Editor Wednesday, 11 April 2012
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Ashfaq Ahmad says his son should be allowed to clear his name by facing trial in the UK, rather than being extradited to the US on terrorism charges.


European Court of Human Rights judges have ruled the Government can lawfully extradite Babar Ahmad and four others, including radical preacher Abu Hamza, to America to face terrorist charges.

Mr Ahmad is accused in the US of providing support to terrorists and conspiracy to kill, maim or injure people and damage property in a foreign country.

However, reacting to the verdict, his father Ashfaq Ahmad called for a public inquiry into Britain's controversial extradition arrangments with the US and insisted his son was "not a terrorist".

"He is definitely disappointed but at the same time he is strong and we'll continue to fight until we get justice," he said.


Source: The Telegraph

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