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The passing away of the father of Shaykh Ali al-Tamimi brings with it recollection of the courage of the family.

This Ramadan Cageprisoners invites you to take part in an event which will seek to shed light on the most lethal tool in the War on Terror.

On a day when Babar Ahmad is now serving his sixth year in prison without having been charged with a single crime, the long awaited news has finally come for the Khadr family.

Wednesday, 04 August 2010 12:03

I reject Islamism

I think it is time to reject Islamism

Monday, 02 August 2010 11:06

Thinking the 'Unthinkable'

'Unthinkable' provokes thought about questions that sometimes are glossed over too easily by those in the US.

There are some detainees in the UK who have been in prison for the last 9 years, without a single question having been asked of them.

The launch of a new report by the Islamic Education and Research Acadamy highlights some interesting facts about the perception of Muslims in the UK.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010 13:13

Every criminal for his or her own self

Eliza Mannigham-Buller is presenting herself as a sound voice today - lets not forget her credentials as someone who fully backs the use of torture evidence.

Why is so much emphasis placed on protecting the identities on those complicit in torture - it is almost like they are the victims.

Thursday, 22 September 2005 11:28

Interview with Jurors from the 'Ricin' Trial

The re-arrests of the men acquitted from the Ricin trials last week have invoked public rage and outcry over the treatment of these exonerated men. In particular, a number of the jurors from the original trial contacted Cageprisoners to voice their concerns over what they see to be a clear violation of the rule of law and fundamental principles of justice that the UK has always been so strong in protecting. What is becoming clear to them, is that the government is slowly turning the UK from being a liberal democracy, into becoming a hegemonic oligarchy.

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