The real war on terror

Written by Greg Ray Monday, 17 December 2012
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President Barack Obama, 

The White House, 

Washington DC, USA


Dear Mr Obama,

Thanks for taking the time for a quick chat on the phone last night, and again, I feel truly awful about what’s happened at Sandy Hook. I know a lot of other Aussies have been utterly shattered by the whole thing and you can be sure plenty of us have been thinking of, and praying for, the families affected.

You invited me to send you an email fleshing out the ideas I outlined on the phone, so here are a few of them. I can send a longer letter later on, if you like.

It’s obvious you’ve got a serious crisis on your hands, what with 70mass shootings in your country since 1982 – 45per cent of them in the past five years. Seven mass shootings so far this year, with 140 dead or injured, is a major worry.

Mr Obama, it’s time for a “War on Terror”. The real terror, not the made-up one. 

The one that is boiling up inside society because people feel insecure, distrustful, abandoned, disconnected and frightened. 

I agree with what you said on the phone: people don’t like to look at the ugliness inside.

But what kind of a life is it where you think you have to carry a gun under your shirt and then worry all the time about whether you might need to use it?

You’ve got to get people to give up their guns. But first, why have they got them?

Because so many others have them. 

Why is that? Because people have lost trust in each other and in your social systems. 

You told me how the gun lobby always rants about the rights of individuals.

Hey, but what about the right of little kids to go to school and not get blown to pieces without warning? (No, I’m not starting my lecture about your drone attacks again, although I easily could.)

What about the right of an individual to a reasonable expectation of a peaceful life?

I take your point about the people who insist it’s too late, and too hard to do anything about the problem because there are already too many guns in the community. We have dills like that in Australia too.

You don’t seem to find it too hard to eavesdrop on practically every single phone call and email made by just about anybody in your whole country.

Oh yeah, that’s because you have to protect your population from the risk that some disgruntled character – probably mad at the USA for wrecking their country – might hurt Americans.

You don’t find it too hard, on the same basis, to gut your constitution and throw away individual rights so you can assassinate suspects without a trial, just in case they might one day think about doing something bad.


It’s not too hard to build secret prisons, fill them up with people accused of having wicked ideas, torture them until they confess and then leave them locked up forever with no trial and no evidence.

Mr Obama, I’ve said this before and I’m afraid I’ll be saying it again: you have got your priorities arse-about.


You spend billions of dollars and waste untold human potential allegedly trying to protect your people from the threat of terror from somewhere over the sea. I’m not sure who benefits, other than the manufacturers of weapons.

In fact, it’s heads I win, tails you lose for the weapons makers, who also profit from the environment that has created the real, present and actual terror on your own soil caused by unhinged people running around shooting the innocent.

It’s time to drop the phony war on terror, Mr Obama, and start fighting the real one.

Note: I didn’t really talk to Mr Obama. 

Source: Newcastle Herald

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