The Mujallis family

Written by CP Editor Thursday, 19 August 2010
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Hezam is a Yemeni citizen currently incommunicado in Yemen. He is the brother of Aref Mujalli. Both are sons of the late Yahya Mujalli.
On the 6th October 2002 the French-flagged oil tanker 'Limburg' was bombed.
Hezam was accused of aiding the operatives and in the following month he was also accused of attacking the Texan 'Hunt Oil Company' in November 2002.
Extrajudicial Killing
In 2003 Yahya Mujalli, father of Hezam and Aref, was labelled an Al-Qaeda operative and killed in his home by security forces that entered the Al-Rawdha district of Sana'a city.
August 2004 Hezam was sentenced to death for the fatality of an army officer.
However Hezam and twenty three other detainees managed to escape the prison in which they were mistreated.
The security forces of Yemen, unrelenting, on the 17th December 2009 raided Arhad and Sana'a.
Hezam and Aref were accused of leading a group of eight 'suicide bombers' on the cusp of multiple car and belt bombings.
However the clashes were not between any elements of al-Qaeda but part of the tensions between tribesmen and the security forces.
These types of assertions are replicas of a type of 'suspect community' governmental scaremongering that attempts to paint a particular minority in bad consideration to the rest of the population. This is done in the hope of both starving the particular community – in this case a particular tribe – of the support of the people while commensurately legitimising the actions of the oppressive government.
Hezam survived the attack and also did Kasem Al-Raimi. However four individuals were arrested and four others killed without due process.  
On the 4th January 2010 there were reports of two individuals said to have been assassinated by Yemeni 'anti-terror' forces that moved on a group of people whom they labelled ‘Al-Qaeda operatives’, again in Arhab, 40kM from Sana'a city.
It was grandly alleged that the group were the 'heads of the military wing of AQAP' and Hezam was cited as one of the dead, the other being Kasem Al-Raimi, and three others injured.
Hezam was arrested by a Yemeni 'anti-terror' unit that again raided a home in which he was seeking shelter.
Unknown – likely tortured.
How to Help

If you know the Mujalli family, have any more information or simply want to help, then please contact Cageprisoners' Middle East caseworker: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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