• Ireland


  • Dodi Hoxha

    Dodi Hoxha Dodi Hoxha is a French born citizen of Albanian descent. She was…

Middle East

Guantanamo Bay (Cuba)


  • Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame

    Warsame is said to have been arrested on April 19th 2011 in international waters between Yemen and Somalia.

  • Abdullah al-Kidd

    Abdullah al-Kidd On March 16, 2003, al-Kidd was arrested at Dulles International Airport. Several days…

South Asia

  • Akhlas Akkhlak

    Akhlas Akkhlak Akhlas Akkhlak is a Russian citizen accused of being linked to the assassination attempt against the former Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf in…

  • Zoaib and Sharaf

    Zoaib and Sharaf Zoaib and Sharaf are two french nationals arrested in Pakistan in 2011.…


  • Saddek Sbaa

    Saddek Sbaa Background Saddek Sbaa is a 24 year old man who was born in Morocco. He arrived in Netherlands at the age of…

  • Mohamed Ali Mohamed

    Mohamed Ali Mohamed Mohamed Ali Mohamed is a Muslim and resident of Nairobi, Kenya. He…


  • Ibrahim Sharif

    In 2008 Ibrahim Sharif, a British Citizen, was in Kenya. He had been in Kenya 2005 and 2006 without incident. However on…

  • Khalid Fadhal

    Khalid is a British citizen originating from Libya. He is currently detained…

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